Handcrafted Couture Leather Bags and Accessories
  • Coco-C in Pebbled Cream


    This one of a kind, genuine leather wrist-held bag is designed with a beautiful, pebbled grain, cream colored cowhide and lined in grey leather for luxurious texture and feel. It is deceptively spacious and multifunctional. The attractive, contemporary silhouette transcends trends, guaranteeing years of eye catching 'It' status. Interesting design elements ensure a compact bag which skillfully expands without compromising the original, charming symmetry and form.

    What you get:

    This particular Coco-C model comes with a creamy soft, detachable wrist strap.

    What makes this adorable bag so unique?

    It is entirely hand crafted by a professional independent designer, which makes for interesting, distinctively original handbags. In fact, even incidental aspects are developed into artistic designer details. The advantage of selecting a Kitschy Chic bag is that you get an original design with uncommon styling.

    The interior of this model boasts a funky vinyl coated high quality fabric print. And note that this is just the lining we're talking about! The backside of this interior lining fabric is a delicate brush which adds an additional, yet unobtrusive layer of protection to the contents of the bag.  The exterior of this bag is a gorgeous, cream colored pebble grain with a contrasting brown leather accent down the centre front. The top flap closes securely shut with an original, Conway buckle. The bag is constructed using a cut edge finish, which gives the edges an attractively distinctive, artistic flare.

    Dimensions are approximately: 7" high x 8" wide x 2 1/2" deep
    52" leather strap (including length of metal clasps) is approximately 3/8" wide. Each strap is hand cut with a hand painted edge finish. Also includes a wristlet strap with metal attachment.